Warning: cynical sense of humor here…

Top ten bumper stickers we really don’t want for our city:

  1. You’ve landed in the wrong place.
  2. History? We don’t need no stinking history.
  3. Ignoring General Palmer’s vision since 1871.
  4. Bare dirt parks: Enjoy!
  5. The buck doesn’t even slow down here.
  6. Less than you’d expect.
  7. It’s how we’re all disconnected.
  8. We used to have a downtown.
  9. We don’t care. We don’t have to.
  10. Imagine a mediocre city.

Have we hit a “tipping point” as a city? Will these slogans describe our community in the future, or will we tweak one or two words in each one…changing the meaning in dramatically positive directions?

Time will tell.

However, as a practical optimist,  I realize there are two key elements that hamstring governments worldwide…1) whatever hits the fan will not be distributed evenly, and 2) it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you place the blame.

I guess I’d rather be out fixing problems than fixing blame. Anyone else?

Next week, after the City budget dust settles: a list of what PPCF is doing around our community to make our city a better place to live, and how you can help!

2 Responses to “Warning: cynical sense of humor here…”

  1. Kevin McT says:

    Between this election and the Yankees appearing to wrap up the World Series, life is gloomy right now…But…But…

    Maybe the anti-communitarians in the greater COS area can all find a place to go where there are no taxes and only user fees where they can live out their utopian dreams in squalor…

    Maybe our city and county governments will up their games so they earn trust that they seem to expect regardless of performance…

    Maybe all the “regular folk” out there who wish someone strong would arise to be the inspirational leader we fantasize is out there will stop fantasizing, wake up and realize that waiting for a messiah is a waste of time and get on with good citizenship and start being leaders and visionaries in a thousand little ways.


  2. Steve R says:

    I’m with you KMcT on the Yankees for sure, but only sorta with you on the local scene…

    Rebounding from the 2C/300 outcome, I think we need to be careful about confusing (or conflating) the message sent by our electorate. My sense is last week’s voter statement was much more about anti-CURRENT-government than about anti-community.

    All other things being equal (recession included), had our City Council over the past two years been perceived as a positive legislative body with a collective propensity to act responsibly in their decision-making, I’ll bet the voters of this region would have passed 2C. As a somewhat active pro-2C campaigner but fiscal conservative myself, I ran into many, many, MANY voters who knocked 2C down because of a strong unwillingness to throw good money after bad. There are plenty of folks out there who love this city and want to see it develop, but who shudder at the thought of putting more money into the hands of the current local government in whom–based on a slew of recent “blunders”–they have little trust.

    The accusation to level at our electorate might be “short-sightedness” but certainly not anti-community. 2C was pitched (unfortunately, I think) as a “city-council-generated-sky-is-falling” referendum. Last week, our electorate shot the messenger, not the message.

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